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A Day in the Life of a D&A Intern

A Day in the Life of a D&A Intern

Want an exclusive look into the life of a Devaney & Associates Intern?

My name is Haley Skuraton and I am Devaney & Associates’ public relations intern. So far, my role has been very fulfilling. I have quickly come to realize there is no ‘typical’ day here. Every day brings along something new. But that is what keeps me so interested and ready to learn!

Follow along if you would like to experience a not-so-typical day with me!

9:20am: I begin my drive to the office. I stop at Starbucks for my daily dose of caffeine… and finish my coffee in about two sips.

10:00am: I just got the mansion! I sit down at my desk and take out my computer. There’s a lot going on with clients this week, so I’m prepared for a very busy day. I check my email for updates from my coworkers and I’m hoping to get some new projects—it’s always exciting to see what is waiting in my inbox.

10:02am: My supervisors Lindsay and Sara sent me edits on a project I worked on last week. I read through their comments and make the changes they suggested. I don’t understand one of the comments, so we sit down together and talk through it.

10:30am: I just got instructions for two new writing projects—I had told Sara and Lindsay how much I enjoy writing, and they’ve really put in effort to help me shape my voice and writing style.

10:32am: My first project is a press release for a client announcing an award one of their employees received. Before I start writing, I do a little research about the employee and the award, and then dive right into writing based on the Inverted Pyramid method I learned in class.

12:00pm: Quick break for lunch! Decisions, decisions…the mansion has way too many food options nearby. Is it bad if I get Chipotle again?!

12:30pm: My next project is to work on writing a success story for another client. For this, I am writing about the success of one of their summer camp programs. I read through interviews from different people for quotes. It’s always interesting to see their thoughts and how passionate they are about their work.

1:29pm: I am so lost in a sea of pull quotes, I almost forget I’m joining a meeting at 1:30! I’ll come back to the story after.

1:30pm: I get to sit in on an outreach, marketing, and PR meeting with one of our clients. I love attending meetings because I get to see first-hand how ideas are strategized and agreed upon. It is something I would never experience in a class!

2:00pm: Back to the story! A few final touches and I send it off to my supervisors.

2:30pm: I’m really interested in social media marketing, so Lindsay asked me to begin drafting an editorial calendar for the agency’s social media and blog for the next few weeks. National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day is coming up and I think it would be a fun idea for an Instagram post—and who doesn’t love coming to work in their PJs?

3:55pm: I finish up everything I was working on from the day and send any last documents off to my supervisors. When I come back on Thursday, I can sit down with Sara and go over everything I worked on today. Being able to get detailed feedback on my work is really helpful. I’ve only been a D&A intern for a few weeks, but I feel like I’ve learned so much!

4:00pm: I sign-off my computer and pack up my bags. Until next time!

4:05pm: On my drive home, I reflect on the day I had…

As an intern for D&A, I feel like I am part of the team and am truly appreciated with everything I do. The work I complete here, as you have read, is very hands on. By the end of my internship, I know I will be more prepared for the real world—I already am! I can’t wait to see what the next few months have to hold.