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Meet Meghan Myers, Business Development Executive

Meet Meghan Myers, Business Development Executive

Meet Meghan, the new Business Development Executive at Devaney and Associates. Meghan comes to us with over 14 years of business development and sales experience. She is dedicated and results-oriented, with a proven track record of cultivating meaningful relationships and driving strategic business growth. Meghan is often recognized by her colleagues for her unique blend of empathy, integrity, and a keen understanding of clients’ needs. It is clear in her work that she’s adept at navigating complex landscapes, fostering trust, and creating mutually beneficial partnerships.

An enthusiastic and dynamic professional, Meghan is driven by a passion for building genuine connections and contributing to the success of both clients and the organization. With a commitment to excellence, she thrives in challenging environments and continually seeks opportunities for professional and personal growth.

Meghan has a creative outlook on life and manages a blog featuring the “Weekly Wednesdays”—an initiative launched to provide her audience with consistent content related to current events and the challenges of motherhood, infused with a touch of humor. As a mother of three lovely children, she finds joy in quality family time. For leisure, Meghan engages in physical activities, actively participates in her community, and has a penchant for reading and traveling. Her previous residences include England, Hong Kong, and Australia, with a return to the U.S. to complete her education.

Before joining the team, Meghan worked as an Account Director for 12 years, in the contingent labor space helping clients with their workforce strategy. Before that, she worked in marketing and real estate for many years. Meghan graduated from George Mason University with a bachelor’s degree in PR, communications. Please join us in welcoming Meghan to the team!