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It’s Teacher Appreciation Day!

It’s Teacher Appreciation Day!

It’s teacher appreciation day! We at Devaney & Associates have compiled a list of some of our favorite teachers throughout the years.

“My favorite teacher was one of my music teachers in elementary school. I wanted to play the glockenspiel but it wasn’t the most popular instrument. I’ll never forget when he wrote me a song called ‘Gloc Rock.’ I could probably still play it.”

~ Diane Devaney, President

“The best teachers were always the ones that genuinely cared for their students and were so interested in the subject that it made the students interested too. The teachers that made a conscious effort to keep students engaged and having fun were always my favorite. I loved anything hands on when I was going through school and I was always thankful for teachers that allowed the talkative students (like myself) to discuss whatever we were learning throughout the class. The best teachers were always the ones who cared about the students’ lives outside of the classroom as well. I had teachers in high school that would ask us to share updates from our sports teams at the beginning of class, and that was always a fun way to get everyone in a good mood before they began their lesson.”

~ Renee Landis, Assistant Account Executive

“My favorite teacher was my 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Benedick. She was no-nonsense, but also warm and caring and always made learning fun. She used to read to our class, and I probably owe my love for storytelling to her story times – she introduced us to The BFG by Roald Dahl, which is still one of my favorite books!”

~ Lindsay Hebert, Public Relations Director

“I had so many great teachers while I was in school. I remember my 10th grade English teacher Mrs. McCoy was so passionate about teaching, but she cared more about teaching us to be good people and contribute to the world than she did about textbooks. She taught me to never stop learning. In college, Dr. Nichols was my first professor to introduce me to advertising. I had no idea what I wanted to do and she took one look at something I had written and told me, ‘You’re going to be a writer.’ She was right and I am so grateful she saw something in me before I could see it in myself.”

~ Sara Lohse, Copywriter

“My mom was a special ed teacher in the same elementary school for 30-plus years. Every day she’d teach, and every night she’d sit at our kitchen table and work on her lesson plans and IEP reports after we went to bed. Her students loved her so much, some of them would call our house on the weekends just to talk to her. From her, I learned how important it was to have a work ethic, to care about doing the job right, and to just be nice when you’re at work, because that’s what people remember.”

~ Casey Boccia, Creative Director

“Teachers have such a huge impact on our children. Some of my son Jackson’s current 5th grade teachers (Ms. Adomanis, Ms. Kenney, and Ms. Elliott) have had such a positive influence on him. They’ve helped him to grow by giving him the support he needs and by making learning enjoyable. This has been his best year yet, and he honestly enjoys going to school.”

~ Susan Casey, Media Director

“Dr. Marigene Arnold’s classes seemed more story-telling than lecturing – an extremely effective way to learn!  To this day (some 30 years later!) I vividly remember the stories (facts) about the Yamamato, the Ik, and the Bushmen of the Kalahari.  I learned to look at cultures with an open mind; without my own cultural bias. That was one of the most important lessons I have tried to carry with me throughout my life. Other outstanding teachers taught me something about myself – not just subject matter.  One of the things I was most afraid of was speaking in public.  I was too shy to speak out in class.  After being “forced” (guided, cajoled, encouraged and supported) to give several presentations, I discovered that I was not only good at it, but actually loved it.  Several years later I found myself presenting to hundreds and enjoying every moment of it.  What an incredible lesson – and one I won’t forget as quickly as the facts and figures I learned in those same classes.”

~ Karen Christ, Accounting Manager