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Thaw Out Those Frigid Marketing Techniques with D&A

Thaw Out Those Frigid Marketing Techniques with D&A

ClIent Challenge:

Help! I experience major brain freeze when it comes to creating new, captivating content for my brand.

The Competition-Melting Solution:

D&A can give you the outsider perspective you need. With content marketing, we help clients tell their own stories through blogs, social media posts, videos, newsletters, and more. In fact, we can help you produce content that can be repurposed multiple ways across various platforms to get the most bang (and audience impressions) for your buck.

On Fire Results:

Leadership Maryland

By crafting and sharing member success stories, across multiple channels, including the Leadership Maryland website, social media, and monthly e-newsletter, we help inform program alumni and attract future applicants by demonstrating how graduates have applied their experience in the professional development program to make an impact in their industries and communities.

The Maryland Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MD MEP)

In addition to promoting its programs and services, the non-profit uses its platforms to tout significant achievements and successes of local manufacturers—like how they’ve helped battle COVID-19. In a recent blog, we helped explain how a team of entrepreneurs and manufacturers in Southern Maryland teamed up to build a new dry heat oven that helps healthcare workers across the state meet their critical need for PPE. In addition to being published online and shared on social media, the content contributed to an article by a community news site.

Maryland Relay

Recently, we have helped Maryland Relay spread awareness for their vital services, for people in Maryland who have difficulty using a standard phone, through virtual presentation promotion. We’ve created newsletter articles, social media posts (shared with over 6,800 followers), digital ads, email blasts, and flyers to support their outreach efforts and boost community participation.

LifeBridge Health

LifeBridge Health needed to create a system-wide magazine for their diverse targets. We helped them launch one magazine, versioned three different ways (a Sinai Hospital edition, a Northwest Hospital edition, and a Carroll Hospital edition). Through careful planning, we create each version using a blend of systemwide news and service-area-specific stories and photography. 

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