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The ABCs of Ad Agencies: C

The ABCs of Ad Agencies: C

Working with an advertising agency often means measurable results, friendly customer service, and creative ideas that drive brand awareness. But it also can mean confusing jargon. Here are some common marketing terms you may come across, such as CTA, while working on your next ad campaign.


Talking about costs per conversion, conversion tracking, or conversion rates may sound very technical, but a “conversion” just means that someone did what you wanted them to do.

You may run a digital ad with the goal of having people like your Facebook page, sign up for your newsletter, or sign a petition. Each time somebody does that, it counts as a conversion.


Don’t worry, you’re not paying an agency to hit “Ctrl+C.” If you are, you need a new agency and we should talk. The word “copy” in an advertising context simply refers to the text in an ad or other deliverable. Copywriters, not to be confused with the peoples at the copyright office, write the copy that is put into the ads.


A CTA, or Call-to-Action, is the reason you’re running your ad. Think of it as your “click here.” The CTA tells the audience what to do. On a Facebook ad, the CTA could be “Like Us.”

On a radio commercial, maybe the announcer says, “come on Sunday and tell them Greg sent you!” Anytime you’re trying to get someone to do something, it’s a CTA.