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The ABCs of Ad Agencies: F

The ABCs of Ad Agencies: F

Working with an advertising agency often means measurable results, friendly customer service, and creative ideas that drive brand awareness. But it also can mean confusing jargon. Here are some common marketing terms you may come, such as Full-Service Agency. across while working on your next campaign.


The beauty of marketing is its measurability. One of the ways that we measure an ad placement or a campaign is frequency, or how many times an individual was exposed to the ad. When creating a media plan, the desired frequency is often a factor that a media planner considers.

There has been a lot of controversy regarding how much exposure is effective, with three times generally being the magic number. Thomas Smith, however, claimed in 1885 that the effective number is 20.

Full-Service Agency

At D&A, we pride ourselves on being a full-service agency. That means that we handle everything from campaign planning to production to media placements to public relations.

Full-service agencies are split into different departments (account service, media planning, creative, public relations, and accounting), with each department working together to complete client projects.

Frankenstein Concept

A very important part of any client-agency relationship is trust. When starting a new project, the creative department will usually present you with multiple concepts and give you the opportunity to choose your favorite.

Occasionally, clients will take pieces of each idea and create their own Frankenstein concept, a mix-and-match of ideas that generally waters down the message and doesn’t perform well.

To avoid this as a client, trust that the creatives have the expertise and experience to lead you in the right direction.

If you don’t feel like any of the ideas are perfect, explain specifically what you do and don’t like so the creatives can present a fresh idea with your thoughts in mind.