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6 Viral Videos to Brighten Your D&Ay

6 Viral Videos to Brighten Your D&Ay

Looking for something to break up your WFH routine that will instantly boost your mood? To help brighten your day, our team got together and shared our favorite mood-enhancing, laugh-out-loud, viral videos. Take a pause from work and enjoy…our selections are guaranteed to make you crack a smile:

1. Toddlers Hugging in the streets of NYC

Video Source: Inside Edition

2. Tiny Dancer Commands R-E-S-P-E-C-T:

Video Source: CNN

3. Family’s Lockdown Les Mis Adaptation:

Video Source: The Guardian

4. BBC Sports Announcer Calls Play-by-Plays for His Dogs:


Video Source: Savage Entertainment

5. Little Boy Catches Fish with Toy Rod

Video Source: HuffPost

6. Cheer Dads Surprise Their Daughters with Their Own Routine

Video Source: NBC News

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