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D&A and Chase Brexton Videos Educate on HIV Treatment and Protection

D&A and Chase Brexton Videos Educate on HIV Treatment and Protection

U=U (Undetectable = Untransmittable) is a huge step forward in ending HIV and reducing the stigma that surrounds it.

Devaney & Associates joined forces with Chase Brexton Health Care, the Baltimore City Health Department, and 16West Studios to create three videos about the U=U movement in Maryland. The series was created as a way to educate the community about this important new public health initiative.

The videos are a part of the ongoing U=U Maryland campaign that Devaney & Associates has been developing with Chase Brexton Health Care on behalf of BCHD. The initiative first went statewide with the launch of our campaign website UEqualsUMaryland.org on World AIDS Day 2018.  

Get Educated…Learn About U=U

The first two educational videos served as a way to introduce U=U to the public and generate awareness about this breakthrough. In collaboration with 16West Studios, we created an animation style that was intentionally free of any constructs pertaining to race, gender, or sexual identity. In doing this, we made it clear that HIV impacts us all.

The short videos showcased how individuals who are living with HIV and following their treatment plans can maintain undetectable viral loads and therefore not transmit HIV to their sexual partners.

Our goal was to not only inform people about U=U, but to encourage viewers to learn how to protect their sexual health by visiting UEqualsUMaryland.org

Real People Talk: HIV Treatment = HIV Protection

In our third video—a testimonial video—we asked real people who live and work within the HIV community to tell their stories and experiences with U=U.

HIV community activist Melanie Reese shared her thoughts on the movement: “Everybody has an HIV status. You’re either negative or positive. There’s nothing wrong with being HIV positive. You don’t have to be afraid of getting a test or finding out what your status is—life goes on.”

We had the pleasure of working with HIV specialists, healthcare workers, and members of the HIV activist community to bring positivity, hope, and straight talk to the general public, in hopes to end the stigma around HIV and encourage individuals to get tested, treated, or educated on the matter.

Go to UEqualsUMaryland.org to learn how to do your part, protect your sexual health, and join the conversation to end HIV!