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The ABCs Ad Agencies: O

The ABCs Ad Agencies: O

Working with an advertising agency often means measurable results, friendly customer service, and creative ideas that drive brand awareness. But it also can mean confusing jargon. Here are some marketing common terms, such as Out of Home Advertising you may come across while working on your next advertising campaign.

Out-Of-Home Advertising (OOH)

Out-of-home advertising reaches people when (you guessed it!) they’re out of their home. This can include billboards, bus shelters, mall kiosks, and point-of-sale displays, among others. OOH ads often have very little copy so you can read them in a glance and feature eye-catching designs, colors, and images.

Open Rate

Have you ever gotten an email that you let sit in your inbox for eternity or delete immediately without reading? If you said no, you’re lying. We should know, we track it. In email marketing, a big way of tracking the success of the campaign is by measuring open rates, or the percentage of people who received the email and opened it to read it. More people opening your email means more people are getting your message. A/B tests can often be used with subject lines, timing, or other factors to see how we can increase open rates.


The word organic is used a lot in digital advertising. In a nutshell, it means someone saw your message without you paying for them to see it. In search engine marketing, for example, the listings that appear on a search engine results page can be paid listings (you pay for your website to appear based on a pre-determined list of keywords) or organic listings (your website appears because search engine algorithms determine its relevant result to the user’s search query). In social media advertising, a sponsored post can be seen by those who don’t follow you because you’re paying for it to show up on their feed. But those who do follow you and see all your posts will see it organically, without it costing you marketing dollars.