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The ABCs of Ad Agencies: V is for Viral

The ABCs of Ad Agencies: V is for Viral

Happy Friday! Here are some very vital V-words we are valiantly bringing you to vamp up your marketing vocabulary! (What would we do without thesauruses?)


Media planners and buyers—the good ones, anyway—don’t always look for the highest rated TV stations or most well-known radio DJs. They look for the highest value. Spending a few million dollars on a Super Bowl ad will get you a lot of views, but if your target audience is elderly women who prefer knitting over sports, you won’t be getting much value for your buy.

A good media planner will find the media spots that gets the most impressions from your target audience, so you’re not paying for impressions that won’t turn into conversions—media spots with the highest value for your brand.

Part of negotiating media plans is finding added value as well. This is bonus media, such as free spots and sponsorship.

Viral Content

You don’t always have to pay for your content to be seen. By posting something interesting, eye-catching, and relevant, people may be inclined to share it with their friends. When many people are sharing a video, photo, or other content, they say it’s gone “viral” because it’s spreading through the Internet like the flu that’s been going around. Cough, cough.


Vlogs are video blogs—in other words, regularly posted video content. Vlogs can be used as marketing tools in different ways. A vlog can help you keep your website and social media content fresh. If your brand has a skill or technique to teach, a vlog could be a cool way to demonstrate it to your audience.

Or, if you lack the technical savvy to start your own, working with a popular vlogger to mention your brand or feature your products can connect you to new audiences.