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The ABCs of Ad Agencies: W, X, Y & Z

The ABCs of Ad Agencies: W, X, Y & Z

This is it! We’re down to the final letters of the alphabet: W, Y, and Z (sorry, X). Thank you for learning the ABCs of advertising with us!

Word-of-___ Advertising

Whether it’s word-of-mouth (WOM) or word-of-web (WOW), WO_ advertising is what happens when people are talking about your brand or product. A form of earned media, WO_ is the spread of messages about your brand between people through conversations and internet sharing. Ever see a commercial go viral on Facebook? That’s word-of-web advertising!


YouTube is a video sharing platform that lets you upload content to share online. Having an account on YouTube is a good way to organize your video content into one easy platform, and you can easily share the videos to your Facebook or Twitter pages.


You have graduated from your marketing crash course! We are out of words, but here is a bonus—our favorite literary device! A zeugma applies one verb to two subjects, with one being literal and one figurative. Rascal Flatts’ song Holdin’ On uses this device in the chorus:

“He’s holdin’ on to the wheel and to the way she made him feel

To the shifter, to the pictures, to every precious moment with her.”