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Cold Case: A D&A Haunting

Cold Case: A D&A Haunting

A lot of people ask us, “is the mansion really haunted?” Because it’s impossible to give a definitive answer, we’ve compiled all the evidence and will let you decide for yourself. You may want to keep the lights on for this… are you ready?

Exhibit A: A Dark History

While researching the history of the Trentham Mansion, our first Google search led us to an unsettling discovery. This Baltimore Fishbowl news story from June 2014 reported that the building was going up for auction…and included a ghost! The article cites an interview with a contractor who renovated the building in the 1980s and often noticed his equipment mysteriously moving or disappearing. He concluded that the house was haunted by the ghost of one of its former owners, who was murdered in the home years ago. Sound hard to believe? We thought so, too, but now…well, we’re not so sure.

Exhibit B: Is Someone There?

One of the most distinctive features of the Trentham Mansion is its wrap-around porch. The rocking chairs can be a great place to grab a peaceful moment during a hectic work day…except when the chairs begin rocking by themselves! Witnesses in our Media and Public Relations departments have seen the eerie chairs rocking, even on days when there isn’t the faintest hint of breeze. So we have to wonder…who or what is putting those chairs in motion?!?

Exhibit C: Trapped Inside

We’ve noticed that doors seem to lock themselves around here. More than once, we’ve had to break into an empty bathroom that somehow became locked from the inside. And in one instance, three of us became trapped in the second-floor meeting area when the (unlocked!) door refused to budge. Our fearless leader Diane Devaney was forced to send a text message for help and account manager Lisa D’Orsaneo came to the rescue. Either we have a ghost with a sense of humor…or maybe we just need new doorknobs.

Exhibit D:  Who turned out the lights?

At the Trentham Mansion, the office lights have an unsettling tendency to turn on and off without explanation. One of the first documented instances happened on a day when several team members sat in president Diane Devaney’s office, chatting about recent odd occurrences. “Maybe we do have a ghost,” said public relations director Lindsay Hebert. Just as she said it, the light behind her snapped off. If we do have a ghost, it knows when we’re talking about it!

Exhibit E) A Creepy, Crawly Feeling

Around the time we began piecing together all of these ghostly clues, Casey Boccia, our creative director, had an unexpected visitor. She was busy working in her third-floor office one afternoon when suddenly she felt a weird tingly sensation on her arm. Looking down, she was horrified to find a large, black spider crawling up her arm. Weird coincidence—or were the spirits trying to send us a message?

So now that you’ve heard our case, what do you think – are we haunted? To see for yourself, feel free to visit us at the Trentham Mansion…at your own risk! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!