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D&A Designs Custom Wall for Carroll Hospital

D&A Designs Custom Wall for Carroll Hospital

As a beloved community hospital and a cutting-edge medical center, Carroll Hospital sets the bar high when it comes to unity and “caring for the community together.” In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the hospital’s leadership team wanted to show their immense appreciation for their overworked staff—doctors, nurses, and other front-line workers who had been working countless extra hours, overcoming their personal fears, and putting their lives at risk to provide exceptional care.

They needed something to bring positivity and inspiration back into the hospital’s walls—so they tasked Devaney & Associates with a unique project—to create a wall design that would not only transform a dull space in their lobby, but also spark a light during a time of uncertainty and darkness.

Going Above and Beyond for Impressive Results

With a tight deadline of two weeks, having to follow all COVID-19 protocols—which meant vendors were not allowed inside the hospital to install the piece—and our entire agency working remotely, the Carroll Hospital wall creation and installation proved to be a difficult, but rewarding, challenge.

Our creative team got to work quickly, brainstorming out-of-the-box, interactive ideas that would encourage every member of Carroll Hospital to participate and recognize their role and impact. Overall, we wanted to illustrate a strong sense of community and showcase the power behind contribution. Besides creating the concept and designing the layout, there were countless production components that were needed to make this idea a reality, including:

  • Working with vendors to help us find materials that could be installed quickly and easily (COVID-19 restrictions meant that professional installers were not an option)
  • Researching and buying all materials, like markers, crayons, writing utensil holders, and paint, to ensure we had everything needed to meet the deadline
  • Making some of the intricate pieces ourselves—like the wooden circles displayed on the wall— and painting them to match the selected color palette
  • Creating unique instructions that explained in detail the message behind the wall and how to participate in the fun
  • Coordinating the delivery of multiple pieces so they would arrive on time for the installation date
  • Providing detailed installation directions for the hospital’s maintenance team

Care Together, Contribute Together

We portrayed this sense of togetherness by unifying two interactive concepts that would inspire people to act. The final concept—We Make Our Community Better Together— included the following:

  • Three wall panels that read, “I am inspired by,” “I am thankful for,” and “I care because,” allowing individuals to select a wooden circle, write their response, and display it on the appropriate wall
  • Two illustrative wall segments that invite community members to showcase their contribution by coloring in different parts of the “coloring book” designs

The vibrant display is meant to catch a passerby’s eye, but the message is intended to captivate and draw them in, encouraging them to help the Carroll Hospital community so that they can complete the wall.

The response from the Carroll Hospital wall has been extremely positive and complimentary. Many of the hospital’s patients, employees, volunteers, and more have taken time out of their day to stop by and add their contribution to the wall.