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Devaney & Associates Adds A Summer Intern to Their Creative Roster

Devaney & Associates Adds A Summer Intern to Their Creative Roster

At Devaney & Associates, we pride ourselves on being a full-service advertising, marketing, and public relations agency in Owings Mills, MD. This summer, we are excited to expand our team of marketing champions by bringing on a new copywriting intern!

Meet the New Kid: Jester Hutchison

Originally from Columbia, Maryland, Jester found their love for writing as early as middle school. There was always a new story building in their mind. However, they never considered writing as a career path until after their first year of college. Now, they’re a rising junior pursuing a BFA in creative writing with a concentration in fiction (and a minor in kinesiology, just for fun!)

And They Do…What Now?

Jester works with the creative department at Devaney & Associates to draft projects and brainstorm ideas. Their favorite part about writing is the ability to capture an image and share it with other people. That tug of emotion you get from reading a book or watching a movie–it all began with a writer scribbling down a few ideas. With copywriting, Jester wants to capture a brand in the same way. They want people to walk by a billboard or scroll past an advertisement and remember exactly how they felt. 

Jester applied for the copywriting internship in the hopes of gaining experience in a different style of writing, while also refining their current skills. Copywriting requires more structure than basic prose, but both styles touch on similar elements of writing such as tone, voice, and attention to the audience. They are most excited to workshop ideas with a writing team to craft the most effective pieces for Devaney & Associates’ clients.

Fun Facts About Jester

Jester currently resides in Fairfax, Virginia while they finish up their last two years at George Mason University (GMU), but their home turf is in Howard County, Maryland. They played four years of varsity soccer for Wilde Lake High, and now they play on the GMU Women’s Soccer Team. In their free time, they enjoy exercising, bullet journaling, reading, and writing!

They also have a semi-successful TikTok account, which is a huge testament to their creative writing ability. Held to a minute-long limit, they write quick, witty scripts based on what they think their followers will like, and they often do it on the fly–just pulling out their phone and typing out an initial script from anywhere. Then, they bring these scripts to life with their high school theatre background and video editing skills from YouTube University. The popularity is cool, but their favorite part is seeing someone say, “This video made me laugh!” as that is the Jester’s job!