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Harnessing the Power of Websites for JPS Electrical Services

Harnessing the Power of Websites for JPS Electrical Services

JPS Electrical Services is a top-rated, licensed electrical contractor offering residential and commercial electrical services to a variety of customers and clientele in Maryland and Florida—as well as their surrounding areas. With a recent expansion to the Sunshine state of Florida, the company needed a new and improved website that would not only represent their additional service areas and offerings, but also combine the two separate sites they had for residential and commercial services.

Before: JPS Electrical Services Residential Website

Before: JPS Electrical Services Residential Website

JPS Electrical Services Partners with Devaney & Associates

After a deep dive into JPS Electrical Services’ two separate websites, Devaney & Associates got to work on planning the best, most user-friendly way to merge the two respective sites. Our team developed an intuitive UX to ensure both audiences (residential and commercial) could easily navigate the site, integrated a robust SEO strategy to increase visibility, updated the electrical company’s branding and positioning, incorporated interactive animation and updated photography throughout the site, and wrote fresh, industry-specific copy for both audiences. Most importantly, each service had its own page that detailed specific offerings, including:

  • Residential > Inspections, Installations, Repairs, Maintenance Plans
  • Commercial > Commercial Properties, Critical Infrastructure, Industrial, Government, Design-Build

Taking the JPS Website to the Next Level

As an electrical provider that offers the highest level of residential and commercial solutions, the JPS Electrical Services website had to reflect their years of expertise, commitment to clients and customers, and polished professionalism. The new JPSElectricalServices.com does all that and more—giving current and future clients the resources they need to easily schedule electrical estimates and services, update their maintenance plans, and get answers to everyday electrical questions.

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