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Meet MK, Our Spring Public Relations Intern

Meet MK, Our Spring Public Relations Intern

We are excited to introduce the newest addition to our team, Mary-Kaitlyn “MK” Barnes. She is joining Devaney & Associates as a public relations intern for the spring semester.

MK is currently in her senior year at Loyola University Maryland. Beginning with short stories as a child, MK’s love of writing followed her into college, guiding her to pursue a major in journalism and a minor in writing. Originally from Frederick, MK grew up surrounded by literary role models. Inspired by her mother, a graduate from Georgetown, and grandfather, a professor at William & Mary, writing was always at the forefront of her education and home life.

Why Public Relations?

During her first year at Loyola, MK was fortunate enough to attend an Intro to Public Relations and Advertising class under the tutelage of Dr. Tania Cantrell Rosas-Moreno. Immediately intrigued, this class lead MK to take multiple others public relations classes. The intricacies of public relations writing, and the art of carefully crafting each message for its audience, seemed interesting. This fascination led her to apply for public relation positions.

Fun Facts About MK

When away from school, MK currently resides in Mount Airy, along with her family on their 300-year-old farm. A member of Loyola women’s soccer team, she has been fortunate to experience college through the lens of a collegiate sports organization. Additionally, MK is operatically trained, performing at Carnegie Hall back in 2015 as a winner in the American Protégé.