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Meet Tess: D&A’s Summer Copywriting Intern

Meet Tess: D&A’s Summer Copywriting Intern

Tess is a rising senior at Mount St. Mary’s University studying English and communications. Originally from Northern Virginia, Tess is spending the summer in Maryland with her sister, brother-in-law, and niece while interning at D&A. Between her role as editor for her university’s yearly academic publication, Moorings, and a staff member for her university’s literary magazine, Lighted Corners, Tess surrounds herself with all things literary. Her love of writing stems from her lifelong fascination with all forms of fiction, especially within the performing arts. She dips her toes into many styles of writing including film reviews, research papers, short stories, press releases, and even a children’s book.

What’s So Great About Copywriting?

Have you ever wondered how the billboard advertisement you see on the way to work is created? How those words you read as you drive on the highway are formed? Tess has these questions and many more that she is excited to explore the answers to during her internship. She hopes to gain knowledge in all aspects of copywriting, but especially the process itself: how to turn an idea into a reality. Even though she utilized copywriting and editing techniques in her collegiate career, this is Tess’s first introduction to the professional world of marketing copywriting. She can’t wait to learn from the best and develop her writing skills here at Devaney & Associates!

Tess’s Other Interests

If Tess isn’t engaged in the writing process, you can tune into 89.9 WMTB FM while she is on her college campus and catch her co-hosting her show’s theme of the week. Outside of her bubbly on-air persona, Tess lives a double life as a pseudo-grandma. She enjoys reading while drinking tea, snuggling with her cat, crocheting, and doing all of this before her 10:00 p.m. bedtime.

What the Future Holds

In addition to her adventures here at D&A, be on the lookout for Tess’s contribution to Mount St. Mary’s University’s blog as she travels to Ireland this upcoming fall semester.

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