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The ABCs of Ad Agencies: H

The ABCs of Ad Agencies: H

Working with an advertising agency often means measurable results, friendly customer service, and creative ideas that drive brand awareness. But it also can mean confusing jargon. Here are some common marketing terms you may come across, such as Hashtags, while working on your next campaign.


Hashtags are an easy way to connect with an audience. They’re simple to use, just add a # before a word or phrase and it’ll be turned into a link. Using a hashtag for your brand (generally a brand name or tagline) gives your audience a way to get in on the conversation. They can use your hashtag in their posts, search it to see what other people have said, or use it to ask you questions. It’s also important to stay on top of trending hashtags and hashtag holidays so that your content is seen by anyone following the trend.


In advertising agencies, hours are our currency. When you receive a project estimate, you’ll see that much of the pricing is based on how long we expect it’ll take each department to finish the project. The creative department, for example, uses the hours to develop a campaign concept, write the copy, design the elements, and proofread and revise each piece.


Households Using Televisions, or HUT, is a way of measuring TV audiences. It is a percentage of households in a target area that are viewing a television at a certain time. Media planners and buyers use this number to help determine ratings of different dayparts.