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Three Cheers–and Aster Awards–for Devaney & Associates!

Three Cheers–and Aster Awards–for Devaney & Associates!

Our agency has once again been recognized for our work in the healthcare advertising industry. This year, we added three Aster Awards to our collection of prized trophies.

The Aster Awards program has been hailed as the nation’s most elite competition for marketing agencies who work in healthcare advertising. Trophies and certificates are distributed based on evaluations by a diverse panel of judges, each one an expert in the field. Competing against agencies working with similar objectives, Devaney & Associates was recognized and granted awards in three different categories.

Bronze Award: Sinai Hospital Residency Recruitment Program

Sinai Hospital came to Devaney & Associates with a tricky situation. After years of stable recruitment for their renowned residency program, the COVID-19 pandemic threatened to shave away at their numbers. Tasked with bringing in new recruits in the face of quarantine, Devaney & Associates created a new brand positioning, a new recruiting microsite, and a series of testimonial videos so prospects could check out Sinai’s programs from the safety of their home. For their work with the community teaching hospital, Devaney & Associates earned the Bronze Award for a Professional Recruitment Series.

Silver Award: U=U Maryland Testimonial Video

What does U=U mean? It means Undetectable Equals Untransmittable, which encompasses the idea that people who are HIV-positive and follow their treatments can reach a level of viral undetectability where they won’t transmit the virus to sexual partners. Educating the public on the U=U message is key to stopping the spread of HIV. To do this, the Baltimore City Health Department and Chase Brexton Health Care joined forces with Devaney & Associates to develop a testimonial video featuring real people whose lives have been transformed by the power of U=U. This video was so artfully crafted that it earned a Silver Award in the Special Video Production Single category.

Gold Award: Baltimore Medical System Heartstrings Fund Brochure

As a federally qualified health center, the Baltimore Medical System relies heavily on fundraisers to keep their operations running. However, the pandemic saw many of these fundraisers cancelled. Baltimore Medical System reached out to Devaney & Associates, and we came up with a solution together: the Heartstrings Fund, a year-round community philanthropy program. The Heartstrings Fund Brochure, which helped soft-launch the program, painted BMS as more than just a clinic but a worthy cause that is changing lives. Donors could see this brochure and know that any donation would help make a difference. This heart-warming brochure won a Gold Award as a Multi-Page Brochure Advertising piece.

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