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D&A Unveils New Vision, Mission, and Values Statements

D&A Unveils New Vision, Mission, and Values Statements

Vision, mission, and values brainstorming words

As marketers, we rely a lot on a client’s vision, mission, and values statements to help guide what their brand positioning strategy should be. If we know what your ultimate goal is—and what you stand for as a company—we can begin to identify how you will differentiate yourself from your competition.

But a company’s vision, mission, and values statements are much more than a function of marketing. They drive every aspect of your business from your strategic planning and operations to your hiring practices and employee morale. (But you already know this!)

In late 2021, Devaney & Associates began the process of developing our own vision, mission, and values statements. After the tumult of COVID-19 and remote working—the ramifications of which can still be felt industry-wide today—we knew it was time to gather the troops and redefine what we wanted for our agency moving forward.

Sonja Der of CoachCruiting expertly led our team through the process, which included an agency strengths assessment, all-agency team-building sessions, and smaller working group sessions to draft and refine our new vision, mission, and values statements.

We had so many good ideas, that we didn’t stop there; we also developed a culture statement which defines the type of working environments and relationships we always aim to create for our staff, partners, and clients.

Check out our final draft plus photos from our vision/mission/values team-building sessions with Sonja below. And be sure to contact us if you’d like to learn more about how we can be “the most trusted brand-building agency” in your life!

Our Vision

To be the most trusted brand-building agency.

Our Mission

We solve each business challenge with passion, integrity, and partnership.

Our Values

  • Be a Genuine Collaborator: Communicate and work together with transparency, honesty, and openness.
  • Foster Growth: Take time to build relationships. Grow the skills of our team.
  • Be a Good Steward: Always do what’s in the best interest of the client.
  • Act Purposefully: Work and collaborate with intention.
  • Stay Forward-Thinking: Be a proactive problem-solver. Come to the table with solutions.

OUR Culture

We Are A People-First Agency: We support, encourage, and strengthen each other and our clients. We celebrate our successes and embrace our challenges as opportunities for growth. We seek out others’ perspectives because it makes us all better marketers and better partners.

Facilitator leads our vision, mission, and values brainstorming session
Vision, mission, and values brainstorming words
Whiteboarding our agency values