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What’s Trending in Media: From the Desk of D&A’s Media Director

What’s Trending in Media: From the Desk of D&A’s Media Director

So, you’re interested in the latest media trends? Well, you’ve come to the right place! For those who don’t know me, my name is Fern Friedberg, and I am happy to be part of the D&A team serving as the Media Director. As a resource to you, each quarter I will share my thoughts on some of the current media trends we are seeing and how they will benefit you by maximizing engagement, conversions, and media dollars spent for your campaigns.

Let’s Talk Artificial Intelligence (AI)

All last year, the buzz was about AI and ChatGPT.  We are all aware of content creation through this new technology, but how does AI effect—and benefit—paid digital campaigns once they are in market? It all relates to paid media campaigns and how machine learning algorithms allow for large amounts of customer data to be analyzed—which then enables AI to identify patterns and predict customer behavior to optimize marketing campaigns. 

For the most part, digital ads today are bought programmatically, which, simply put, means we are now buying an audience based on select attributes (ex: age, geo location, household income (HHI), education, career, interests, and more) of only those who we want to see (or hear) an ad. This first level of AI allows us to use media dollars most effectively and efficiently, ensuring ads are reached only by those we are specifically targeting; and by using a person’s demographic information, digital footprint, search history, purchase history, and even real-time data to further segment the audience. 

From this, we are able to deliver a more personal message when being served an ad (For example, women in ads will be served to women, specific minority groups in ads will be served to those specific minority groups, those living in Maryland will be served an ad with Maryland-related content, etc.), making it more efficient and precise. This level of personalization not only improves engagement when people see ads with people in them who look like them, and/or when content is relatable, but helps increase conversion rates, further enhancing the customer experience.

Programmatic ad buying, powered by AI, extends beyond precision targeting to incorporate the following:

  • Retargeting: This includes serving ads to those who have shown interest in a product or service (clicked on the ad, visited the website, began a registration process), ensuring sustained brand visibility.
  • Creating Look Alike Audiences: This further expands reach by identifying and targeting individuals with characteristics similar to the engaged audience.
  • Campaign Optimization: This allows for real-time adjustments based on engagement metrics, emphasizing the best performing messaging and ad formats.

Many AI tools provide analytics and insights into campaign performance.  This allows us to make data-driven decisions, adjust strategies in real time, and optimize campaigns and budgets for improved results—with the conversion as the ultimate goal.

We can’t forget about the cost-effective benefits that come along with programmatic buys based on AI data-driven insights.  Because of this level of targeting, media dollars are not being wasted on those who would not fit the criteria of who we are trying to reach when serving ads.

With precision targeting, real time optimizations based on performance data, and the automation process within the various aspects of a campaign, media dollars are being utilized with maximum efficiency, helping not only in a current ongoing media campaign, but for future media planning recommendations as well.

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