Devaney & Associates Welcomes an Account Executive Summer Intern

Devaney & Associates Welcomes an Account Executive Summer Intern

The account executive team at Devaney & Associates keeps things moving and grooving when it comes to the customer-agency relationship, marketing plans, budget and deadline management, and more. This summer, we’re opening the doors of our beloved Trentham Mansion to a fresh new face from University of Maryland, College Park—Jade!

As a college junior, Jade majors in communication with an emphasis in public relations because she’s always been interested in working with people. “I gained an interest in public relations during my freshman year at the University of Maryland,” Jade shares. “I have always been extremely outspoken and driven; and communicating my ideas to others has always come more naturally than anything else.” During her time as D&A’s account executive intern, Jade hopes to see firsthand how all the moving parts of an agency work together, while learning how to build and manage agency-client relationships from our seasoned account management professionals.

Why Public Relations?

Jade was originally allured by public relations due to an image constantly presented within film and television, such as Samantha Jones from Sex and the City or Nick Naylor from Thank You for Smoking. “As I entered my public relations courses during my sophomore year, I realized that PR is so much more in-depth and unpretentious,” says Jade. “I quickly discovered that the root of the industry is connecting with people, building relationships on a foundation of trust and assurance.”

Exploring Jade's Extracurriculars

In addition to her academics, Jade is heavily involved on campus, participating in several clubs and organizations. She is a part of WMUC 88.1 FM, the University of Maryland’s on-campus radio station, as a DJ, social media content creator, and communications liaison. She is also the communications chair for an inclusive, community-focused skateboarding club, We Skate at UMD, which focuses on making the sport a more welcoming environment for women, people of color, and the LGBTQ community. Jade is also involved in her university’s Public Relations Student Society of America chapter, SEE, a student-led event programming board, the Undergraduate Communication Association, and the Maryland Music Business Society.

Looking Towards the Future

Eventually, Jade wants to enter the entertainment industry within the public relations or marketing sectors. As a lifelong musician (she plays 6 instruments!), Jade has always seen herself working within the creative field, and she would like to start her own music-focused public relations agency after completing her master’s degree.

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