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The ABCs of Ad Agencies: S

The ABCs of Ad Agencies: S

Happy Friday! Want to impress the account managers during your next marketing meeting? Here are three new marketing terms for the letter S to help you do that!


In marketing, all written language is considered copy, but copy can come in many forms. Copywriters can write something as long-form as a multipage newsletter or an outline for a website. But the shortest form of copy can be only a few words. Slogans and taglines encompass a brand’s positioning statement in just a short soundbyte.

For example, when we rebranded EVAPCO, we wanted to communicate their position of being the HVAC innovator that’ll be with you for life. Their slogan became simply EVAPCO For Life. One of the goals of a slogan is for your audience to make an automatic mental and emotional connection between the slogan and your brand. When you hear, “I’m lovin’ it,” what do you immediately think of?

Social Media

It’s not just for those millennials always on their dang phones. Social media is a vital marketing tool. Aside from using social media as a digital marketing tool, it’s also a way to garner free attention for your brand. Social media use is free, so creating relevant content that your audience will relate to will lead to increased followers, higher brand awareness, and word-of-mouth advertising through sharing posts.


A sweepstakes is a chance to win a prize, large or small, dependent fully on luck. (If the prize is won by skill, it’s a contest, not a sweepstakes.) If the prize is good enough, a sweepstakes is a good way to get attention and get your audience to interact with your brand. Sweepstakes can be text-to-win, winners can be chosen out of Facebook followers, or any other method that relies on chance.