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National Intern Day: Our Intern’s Summer Spectacular

National Intern Day: Our Intern’s Summer Spectacular

In case you’ve been wondering who was behind some of our agency’s recent blog posts, such as Devaney & Associates Head Back to HQ, we’ve got an exclusive from the author themself–that’s me! 

Greetings from beyond the keyboard! I’m Jester, this summer’s copywriting intern who had the great pleasure of working with D&A the last few months. With my time here nearing an end, and so close to National Intern Day, I’ve been asked to do one last write up on my experience during my internship.

Expectation vs Reality

When I saw the words ‘copywriting intern,’ I had no idea what to expect. I would consider myself a writer primarily versed in fiction, but I saw this as an opportunity to learn a new style of creative writing. In that respect, it did not disappoint. 

From day one, it felt less like I was an intern and more like I was a student with the bonus of hands-on experience. I was assigned writing projects such as blogs, newsletters articles, and social media posts within week one! I was also invited to sit in on several company meetings, giving me a true feel for what it’s like working at Devaney & Associates.

Virtual But Involved

While my internship was intended to be entirely virtual, I was never shut out from the rest of the team. I met everyone virtually within the first week, and I later met them all in person when I spent a day at the Devaney & Associates HQ. There was also plenty of communication between me and the creative team, whether it was a million new projects or a simple update at the end of the day. I felt most a part of the team when I came in for a second visit, though that one came with a catch…

The TikTok Project

One thing I didn’t expect to mention during my interview was the fact that I had 150k followers on TikTok (now over 300k but who’s counting?). This ended up becoming a huge part of my internship when I was asked to create a presentation about TikTok as it relates to marketing and brand promotion. In between drafting articles and writing Facebook posts, I was researching the very app on which I developed a following and always thinking about how it could benefit a business. 

Once the presentation was complete, I went back to the HQ and treated the team to a TikTok education (while they treated me to Noodles & Co). Maybe we’ll see some D&A TikToks go viral in the future!

Summer Only Lasts So Long

As my time here comes to a close, I am nothing but grateful for having been given this opportunity. I learned so much, especially about writing for a specific audience and the revision process. I thank everyone in the business, especially my supervisors, for mentoring me these past few months and giving me the chance to work in the real world of writing. 

So long for now!