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Supporting Health and Wellness in the LGBT Community

Supporting Health and Wellness in the LGBT Community

When Chase Brexton Health Care was founded in Baltimore’s Mt. Vernon neighborhood in 1978, it was the first and only gay men’s health clinic in the area. When the fight against HIV and AIDS began in the early 1980s, Chase Brexton was on the front lines. The organization has since grown rapidly and now offers quality health care to any resident, regardless of their ability to pay.

Staying true to its roots, Chase Brexton operates the LGBT Health Resource Center to provide LGBTQ individuals and their families with welcoming access to expert health information and resources that will enhance wellness and quality of life.

In full support of Chase Brexton’s mission, Devaney & Associates has proudly partnered with the organization on many projects over the years. Here are just a few:

Hope Lives Here

A unique, rewards-based fundraising program, we helped to create Hope Lives Here for Chase Brexton to fund not only medical care for the uninsured, but also help prevent evictions, arrange transportation, give school supplies, and so much more for Chase Brexton’s most vulnerable patient populations.

A tall order, our team branded the program, created a strategic plan for implementing it, and built a microsite and designed collateral to help get the word out. Additionally, we write and design a newsletter twice a year that outlines how much money the program and other efforts raised in the previous months and where that money went to.

LGBT Elders Day

When Chase Brexton added May 16 to the National Day registry as National Honor Your LGBT Elders Day, we stepped in to help maximize the impact of this historic day. We wrote and built a microsite that empowers users to commemorate the holiday in their communities, with resources like social media toolkits, celebration ideas, guides to the issues facing the LBGT elder population, and purchasable pins for honoring the LGBT elders in their lives.


To spread the groundbreaking news that, with proper treatment, HIV cannot be transmitted between partners, we teamed up with Chase Brexton and the Baltimore City Health Department to build U=U Maryland. Launched in December 2018, this website is the first step in a state-wide awareness-building campaign, and provides users with life-saving health information, free resources, and personal stories in an inclusive and respectful way.

AIDS Walk and Music Festival

The AIDS Walk and Music Festival is an annual event during Pride Month that not only works to raise money for HIV treatment in the community but also aims to erase the stigma of HIV and AIDS. Devaney & Associates has led Facebook advertising campaigns to promote the event and D&Aers have even participated in the Walk together and with our families.

During Pride Month and all year, Chase Brexton Health Care is a fierce advocate for the rights and acceptance of the LGBT community, while providing compassionate care for all individuals regardless of race, gender identity, sexuality, or income. It has been our honor to help promote the message and services that Chase Brexton provides. Learn more about Chase Brexton—and all the ways you can support their mission—at ChaseBrexton.org.