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When Relay Services Need Brand Awareness, We Answer the Call

When Relay Services Need Brand Awareness, We Answer the Call

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State Relays are a free public telecommunications service for people who have difficulty using a standard telephone, including those who are deaf, hard of hearing, or have difficulty speaking. Although every state offers Relay service, many people don’t know the service exists—so they struggle with their telecommunications challenges alone.


As the nation’s experts in Relay marketing, we have helped State Relay services in more than 23 states—including Maryland, Florida, Montana, Virginia, Georgia, California, and Washington—skyrocket their awareness and touch the lives of countless new users in highly targeted demographics, including veterans, special needs communities, and referral sources such as physicians and audiologists. 

Big Results

Recent highlights across all our state-by-state Relay marketing efforts include:

  • Facebook advertising campaign that delivered a stunning 8% click-through rate (versus 0.9% national average)
  • Facebook page launch that’s generated more than 5,600 followers
  • Digital advertising and retargeting campaign to seniors and veterans that scored a click-through rate 3x higher than the national average

Award Highlights

National Merit Award: Special VideoService Industry Advertising Awards
National Merit Award: Marketing & CommunicationsNational Mature Media Awards

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Maryland Relay click-through rate*


Georgia Relay click-through rate*


Virginia Relay click-through rate*


Our average budget

*compared to the national average click-through rate of .09%

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