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Marketing Fitness Challenge #2: The Website Warm-Up

Marketing Fitness Challenge #2: The Website Warm-Up

Marketing Fitness Challenge #2

The Website Warmup

If your brand is your most valuable marketing asset, then your website is a close second. All of your marketing and advertising efforts point to your website, and all of your prospects will do some form of online research before giving you their business. Make sure your site is ready for that kind of heavy lifting with these warm-up exercises.

The Logical Flow

How to Do It: Begin with some natural movement around your site. Does the site feel intuitive—meaning users can easily find what they’re looking for, regardless of what they’re looking for? Your site’s information architecture should keep content well organized and scale easily as you add new content.

The Pulse Check

How to Do It:  Determine when your site was late updated. At an absolute minimum, you should be posting new content at least once a month. This tells your visitors—and search engines like Google—that your brand is thriving and relevant.

The Brand Positioner

How to Do It: Take 5 minutes to read some of your site’s content. Make sure it not only describes what you do, but also clearly states why customers should choose you. Brand positioning content is just as important as product and service content in converting a lead. 

The Conversion Lifter

How to Do It: Now jump around your site at random. Most pages—if not every page—should have a clear call to action designed to convert the site visitor into a lead. From “download our free white paper” to “contact us now,” your calls to action can vary according to page content.

The Search Engine Optimizer

How to Do It: Start by simply testing your site speed using a free tool like Google’s. Search engine optimization (SEO)—the process of improving your website’s search engine rankings—is admittedly a complex and continual exercise. Strong site speed is only one part of that algorithm, but it’s a good place to start.

Bonus Exercise

The Custom Design Cool-Down

How To Do It: Breathe in your website’s design. Does it feel like a true reflection of your brand? A surprising number of websites are built on free or cheap design templates. The result is typically a cookie-cutter site that looks and feels like everyone else’s. A custom web design ensures your site is protecting the brand you’re working so hard to build.

Help! My Website Doesn’t Feel Ready

Don’t pull a muscle trying to figure it out alone. Contact our team and let us show you how to turn your website into a faster, stronger, more powerful conversion engine for your organization. 

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