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Marketing Fitness Challenge #3: The Campaign Tip-Off

Marketing Fitness Challenge #3: The Campaign Tip-Off

Marketing Fitness Challenge #3

The Campaign Tip-Off

Now that you’re ready to promote your brand, how can you make sure your campaign gets off to a healthy start? The answer is a well-thought-out marketing brief. Kickstarting a marketing campaign can be madness if there’s little to no organization or details. Luckily, a marketing brief can clearly lay out the groundwork for you—helping you move up the brackets toward an all-star campaign!

Not sure where to begin for your marketing brief? Here’s how to draft one…

Team Roster & Stats

Sharing an overview of your company is essential! It’s easy to rally your team together when everyone knows the clear details and important plays like who you are, what you do, and how you do it. Remember to dedicate a section to identifying the MVPs of your team (e.g., project managers, sales managers, designers, etc.) and what role they will each play in the campaign’s success.

Game-Time Goals

Now it’s time to share what you plan to accomplish with your marketing campaign. In this section of your brief, you will need to clearly state your marketing challenge—what’s the problem you’re trying to overcome and what is the outcome you want to achieve? Strengthening brand awareness, customer growth, establishing industry expertise, and of course, increasing revenue, are usually high up on the list. So don’t be shy when sharing your marketing objectives—they’re key for your strategy!

Know Your Fanbase

What’s a team without its fans? The same thought process applies for your marketing campaign. You need to know your target audience—including their demographics, behaviors, and psychographicshow you’re going to reach them (are they spending countless hours on social media or watching cable television?), and how they consume media.

Scout Your Competition

Everyone knows you can’t just focus on your shooting game—you have to understand your competition too. Your brief should include your competition, what they’re doing, and how they’re doing it—so you can devise your game-winning strategy and out-of-the-box plays that will delight your fanbase.

What's Your Hook Shot?

Determining your “hook shot,” simply means identifying your main message. The “hook”—or unique selling proposition is essentially the key insight that you want to convey with your campaign. Make it known!

The Assist to the Basket

Once your key message is sharp, you can think about how you’re going to make the assist to the basket! In this part of the brief you’ll determine what media, tactical elements, and deliverables (think email blasts, direct mail, brochures, etc.) will help your campaign score.

Tournament Timeline & Expenses

Believe it or not, the road to glory takes a little bit more than just raw talent and strategy. It’s critical to note the schedule, due dates, and overall budget for your campaign. Don’t be afraid to put it all out on the court.

Shooting for Success

Last but not least, think about how your team will measure success or the results of the campaign. There are countless ways to track a campaign's performance: page views, click-throughs, social media love, product sales, event attendance, media mentions, and don’t forget good old-fashioned dollars and cents. It all comes down to understanding which metrics make the most sense for your campaign.


Don’t have the time, energy, or resources to figure out your game plan?

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