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Marketing Fitness Challenge #10: The Connected TV Playbook

Marketing Fitness Challenge #10: The Connected TV Playbook

Marketing Fitness Challenge #10

The Connected TV Playbook

Connected TV—also known as CTV—is not your grandmother’s TV advertising. CTV combines the audio-visual power of traditional TV advertising with the targeting power and affordability of digital advertising to stream your ads on Smart TVs or other internet-connected televisions. Here are 5 reasons to consider running CTV in your next campaign:  

Campaign Kickoffs Are Easier 

CTV is more accessible to advertisers than traditional television advertising. The cost of advertising on broadcast and cable television can be intimidating. With CTV, your ads can be presented to TV viewers as part of a more budget-friendly advertising plan.  

It Gives You Winner Status

In the psychology of marketing, brands that advertise on “TV” are often seen as more credible. CTV is a way to earn the status of a television advertiser without spending the money associated with traditional television advertising.   

It’s More Engaging For Your Fans 

CTV ads are better at capturing your viewers’ uninterrupted attention because they run only on smart TVs and internet-connected TVs—not phones, laptops or tablets. CTV ads are usually not skippable, either, so you’re likely to enjoy a higher view completion rate.  

It Dramatically Increases Your Accuracy 

Your ability to target specific demographics is limited when running ads on traditional television. CTV allows for specific targeting, much like in digital advertising. This makes sure your desired target audience is seeing your ad, allowing your advertising dollars to go further. 

Review Your Plays Almost Instantly

Unlike advertising on traditional television, CTV gives you quick access to traffic results. All this data can be used to adjust your campaign, including replacing your ad if the level of engagement is not where it should be. 

Need help choosing the right game plan? 

Let the media team at Devaney & Associates help you develop a winning playbook!  Contact us today to see if CTV is the right strategy for your next campaign.

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